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18 October 2016 @ 01:26 pm

Hey so I'm a mom now!  Isabella was born on October 14th (our 4 year wedding anniversary) at 10:21pm.  She weighed 7 pounds 11 ounces and was 19.5 inches long.  And she's beautiful and I'm smitten with her.  But it's still so surreal to me...which may be due to lack of sleep and hormones and all the overwhelming information and situation.  So I'm functioning at about 30% today which has made getting to this point SUPER difficult.  We had a busy morning and I'm trying to answer questions and soak up information all while feeling like I'm full of lead.  But more on that later...I should probably just focus on her birth story and pictures for now!

I guess it goes without saying but this entry could contain TMI for some.  I don't get graphic but still...it's a birth story.

So as a follow up to my last entry, later that night at about 1 am my contractions were getting a bit more intense and getting a predictable 3-5 minutes apart.  So I called labor and delivery and they had us go in.  I stayed for an hour and then was examined and made no progress with dilation so they sent me home.  They gave me some pain medication to help me sleep since my contractions were painful enough that I wasn't able to sleep through them.  I took that, we went home, and laid down.  The thing is, those pills did literally nothing for me.  And the contractions got worse...much worse.  Within a few hours I was doubled over in pain, moaning and groaning, not sure how much more I could take.

At that point Garry insisted we go back to labor and delivery and called them to tell them we were coming since I was in too much pain to do it myself.  So back we went and it felt like FOREVER until someone finally checked me and I was 4cm dilated!  Progress!  So they admitted me and I was SO thankful.  I was probably going to cry and beg for drugs if they sent me home again.  They started me on some medication to make the contractions a little less painful.  It made it so I wasn't moaning constantly but it was still vastly uncomfortable.  That at least kept me sane enough until the epidural arrived.

The epidural wasn't too bad.  Garry was there holding my hands the whole time.  It stung for a few seconds then felt really weird but then it was done.  And OMG it was amazing.  All my pain was gone...I couldn't feel my contractions anymore at all (I only knew I was having them because Garry told me as he saw them on the monitor lol).  It gave me a chance to sleep and breathe.  But I could still move my legs around, they just felt tingly and I had no pain from the waist down.  Seriously, epidurals are the best thing to happen to modern medicine.  100% recommend.

Anyway, I slept on and off for awhile then my doctor came in and checked me and I was 8cm dilated and they broke my water at about 2pm.  Then it was just a waiting game from there.  Hours went by and I dilated little by little.  Eventually they changed nurses and my new nurse actually changed my position completely.  She put me on my side with a giant inflated peanut between my legs and had me lay like that for one hour on each side.  It was to get her to start moving down and it made a HUGE difference.  I could feel my contractions as slightly painful pressure in my rectum and it's because her head had come down finally.

After the two hours of laying on my sides she checked me and Izzy's head was right there and I was fully dilated.  And she had me begin to push.  And I pushed for about an hour and a half before she came out.  They tell me for a first time baby that's not a long time to push but I was SO exhausted...it was the hardest thing I had to do in my life thus far.  I was sleep deprived to start (since contractions had kept me awake for the two nights prior) but pushing takes everything out of you. Everything.  Garry said I turned purple at one point because I was working so damn hard.  But the thing is, your body makes you need to push.  So no matter how exhausted I was I had to keep going.  And through it all I kept telling myself that I could do this and kept reminding myself how strong I was.  I couldn't let myself think for once that I couldn't do it.

And at 10:21pm out she came.  And Garry saw the whole thing...which he handled really well.  He even cut the cord which he initially wasn't going to do.  But I guess when you've seen a baby come out of your wife, cutting the cord doesn't seem so bad anymore.  He actually even told me she had hair before she came out while I was trying to gather the strength to get her out.  (And she absolutely has hair, it's glorious)  They cleaned her up quickly then put her on me where she stayed for an hour and a half.  I was so tired...I cried a little when she was born but I was too tired to me emotional otherwise.  I had given my all up to that point.

I had the absolute minimal tearing you can have, so I only have a few stitches and it's all superficial...no muscle tore.  Hooray!  I was sure I'd tear like crazy but nope :) so even though it was a difficult delivery since ALL of them are, it actually went perfectly.  It didn't last too long, my epidural was perfect, I didn't push for too long, I didn't tear too badly...I couldn't ask for more, honestly.  The entire pregnancy went smoothly too.  And Izzy is perfect.
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Time for me to eat something and then feed Izzy, I'll write more later.
06 March 2014 @ 09:13 pm

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