If you love life, don't waste time, for time is what life is made up of

26 January 1991
K A T I N A T O R 4 4


Name: Kathryn/Kat

Age: 25

Gender: Cis-Female

Orientation: Bisexual

Marital Status: Married

Religion: Agnostic Atheist

Political Stance: Independent (currently more Liberal)

Pets: One beautiful Siamese-Ragdoll Mix named Odin and an independent Black Smokey named Nova

Current Location: Northern California

Birth Location: Northeast Ohio

Education: Some College

Work: Currently I work at Best Buy as a Sales Associate (cameras are my specialty)


Likes: The Sims, The First 48, Psychology (especially abnormal psychology), Photography, Blogging, Arts/Drawing, Anime, Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit (slightly more than LOTR), The Office (US), Pathfinder (branch off of Dungeons and Dragons 3.5), History/Documentaries, Humanism, The Atheist Experience, Occasional World of Warcraft Playing (and I'm surprisingly casual at it too), Cheese, Chocolate, Basically food in general, Dan (danisnotonfire) & Phil (AmazingPhil), CaptainSauce, & Once Upon A Time

Dislikes: Homophobia, Transphobia, Racism, Sexism, Menism/Anti-feminism (basically standard bigotry), Slut Shaming, Super Zealous and Preachy Christians/Religious, The Duggar Family, Blood/Gore, Ground Meat (it's a texture thing), Balloons (legit phobia of them), Horror Movies/Being Scared, Happy Madison Productions (they're just gross movies filled with farts, barfing, poop, and other vile forms of "comedy"), Driving (I haven't managed to get my license yet...pesky fear of driving...)

Hobbies: Fine Art Photography, Drawing, Blogging, Watching Let's Plays and dreaming of one day having my own

Personality: There are parts of me that are ever changing, but currently I would say I am a peacemaker (being raised in a Pacifist home will do that to you) whose learning to be more assertive. I'm quiet, shy, and awkward. I usually put the needs and feelings of other people ahead of my own. I have strong opinions on certain subjects but generally I'm not quick to anger. I am, however, very competitive and get angry when I'm loosing and mean when I'm winning (some people love it some people hate it). I'd love to be more into fashion and make up than I am but it's one of those things that just doesn't stick. I don't have the money for them nor do I generally feel like they're worth the energy. But maybe one day. I'd like to think I'm generally a warm person who is open minded and willing to learn/hear other perspectives. When determining truths I stick to facts. I don't tend to believe anything without facts. Therefore, I don't believe in God, spirits, ghosts, mythical beings, the "soul", angels, demons, ect.

About My Livejournal

I have had a livejournal for about 10 years and it has seen me through lots of change. It has been my therapist and my closest friend. I have talked about lots of sensitive subjects on my livejournal, some not appropriate for those under the age of 18. I talk about things going on in my life and things going on in the lives of my family members. Some of those things deal with self harm, suicide, mental illness, sex, and depression. I try to put a trigger warning ahead of sensitive subjects but I can't guarantee to filter out all triggering subjects.

I also use the livejournal for fun memes I find or my friends post. It's not all dark and glum, I promise. I always love reading and participating in some fun getting to know you activities. I also tend to rant about things I don't feel safe ranting about anywhere else. Usually it's stuff that happens on facebook. But sometimes it's just a reaction to a picture or news article I found. It should go without saying, but you're free to disagree with my opinions and politely voice that, but I'm not going to tolerate abuse/degrading/mean comments. I'm open to hear your perspectives but I won't do it while being insulted. I hold myself to this same code of conduct when approaching others who I disagree with.

Also, I had a daughter in October and a lot of my entries are about her or parenthood. I'm getting better at keeping the entries varied but if hearing about other people's kids isn't your thing it's probably best you keep moving along. I guarantee you'll be sick of hearing about her in no time. But if you love kids or hearing about motherhood then I'm your woman.